Secure Bike Parking Facilities

Two secure bike parking facilities are available for students, faculty and staff use via the purchase of a secure bike parking permit.

The secure bike parking facilities are fenced-in spaces on the ground levels of parking ramp #5 (Trowbridge Road, south of Communication Arts and Sciences) and parking ramp #6 (Grand River Avenue, west of Olin Health Center) and provide additional theft and weather protection. Access is controlled by the university’s access control system through the use of a card reader on the door which works with your MSU Spartan ID card.

Inside the facilities, cyclists can lock up their ride in a row of Lightning Bolt™ racks, which are designed to keep bikes upright and work especially well with U-locks. Riders can also take advantage of a Dero Fixit™ station and air pump, similar to the self-serve amenities outside the Bikes Service Center at Bessey Hall.

The secure bike parking facility in the Grand River Avenue ramp can hold up to 50 bikes, while the one in the Trowbridge Road ramp has space for 23. Permit sales are limited based on occupancy.

Permits cost $48 for 1 year (expiring June 30, 2021) and are prorated monthly.

Permits may be purchased at