Relationship Violence and Sexual Misconduct Commitment

Michigan State University has a policy that prohibits relationship violence and sexual misconduct, including sexual assault. The Office of Institutional Equity (OIE) is responsible for enforcement of the university’s policy, while the MSU Police Department handles the criminal investigation.

Relationship violence and sexual misconduct, including non-stranger sexual assault, are a very serious concern to the University and our community. If you feel you are the victim of relationship violence or sexual assault on campus, the MSU Police Department has a Relationship Violence and Sexual Misconduct Response Commitment:

  • We will meet with you privately, at a place or manner of your choice, to provide informed options.
  • We will not release your name to the public or media. Your parent or guardian will not be notified, unless you are a minor.
  • Our officers will not prejudge you, and you will not be blamed for what occurred.
  • We will treat you and your particular case in a trauma-informed manner.
  • If you feel more comfortable talking with a female or male officer, we will do our best to accommodate your request.
  • If you would like a support person or advocate present during interviews or available to provide support throughout the investigation, we will help arrange that.
  • We will assist you with medical and transportation resources.
  • With your permission, we will assist you in contacting counseling and advocacy services, in addition to other available resources that will continue to provide you with additional support throughout the investigation.
  • We will support you during the investigation and keep you informed of the progress. Cases where an offender is identified will be reviewed by the prosecutor’s office, with your request for outcome documented.
  • We will continue to be available for you, to answer your questions and to explain the systems and processes involved (prosecutor’s office, court proceedings, university investigation).
  • We will consider your case seriously regardless of your gender or sexual orientation, and regardless of the gender or sexual orientation of the suspect.

If we fail to achieve any part of the above guarantee, the Chief of Police will meet with you personally to address any concerns. The MSU Police want to continue to make the MSU campus safe for students, faculty, staff and visitors.