Special Parking Requests

The Parking Office is closed to in-person traffic. All services, with the exception of bike impound and tow releases, are available online or over the phone from 8am-4pm, Monday – Friday, excluding university holidays.

The Application for Special Parking Privileges form must be completed. Please answer all questions clearly and completely. Letters or telephone calls requesting special parking will not be considered. Complete the application and email the completed application with any supporting documentation to our Parking Coordinator at ParkingRequest@police.msu.edu.

Application for medical reasons must include a photocopy of a valid state-issued disabled parking placard or plate number.

For Non-University employment–related applications, the first page of the application must accompany verification of employment on the employer’s letterhead stationary, including the student’s work schedule, responsibilities, an authorized signature and a telephone number.

For University employment-related applications, both pages must be completed, including the student’s work schedule, responsibilities, an authorized signature and a telephone number.

Apply ten (10) business days prior to when the permit is desired to help insure time for review AND permit processing and mail time.  It generally takes between 7-10 business days to process the request (process time may vary depending on the time of year, i.e. the beginning of each semester is an especially busy time). If you submit an application during the summer for the coming fall semester/year, it will be reviewed starting July 1st of that year.

Call the Parking Services Office at (517) 355-8440 between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m., Monday thru Friday (excluding University holidays), to obtain the decision on your request.

If your application was initially denied, you may resubmit your request for further consideration.

No temporary permits will be issued during the application process; therefore you must park in areas that are legal with your current permit.

Unpaid parking violations will delay consideration of special parking requests. All unpaid violations must be cleared prior to an approved special parking permit being issued. In consideration of others applying for special parking privileges, failure to pick up an approved permit within two (2) weeks may result in it being voided. Reapplication may be required.