Gotcha e-Scooters

As students and faculty return to campus for another academic year, e-scooters won’t be far behind. Michigan State University has entered into an exclusive partnership with Gotcha to provide approximately 300 e-scooters for use by students, faculty and staff.  See more information about MSU’s research partnership with Gotcha here.


  • Where can I park the Gotcha e-scooter?
    • Gotcha e-scooters should be parked in designated Gotcha “hubs” which are signed and marked areas across campus specifically marked for parking.
    • Gotcha e-scooters, as well as personal e-scooters with a valid moped permit, may also park in any marked moped parking area on campus
  • Can I park my personal e-scooter in a Gotcha hub?
    • No. Individually owned e-scooters must be registered with an MSU moped parking permit and may only park in designated moped parking areas. E-scooters and mopeds are also prohibited from parking at bike racks.
  • How many e-scooters may park in 1 moped parking space?
    • Please, only 1 e-scooter per space.
  • Where can I ride the Gotcha e-scooter?
    • In accordance with MSU Ordinance 33.00, e-scooters must be driven in bike lanes or on the right hand side of drive lanes when bike lanes aren’t available.
  • Can I bring the Gotcha e-scooter into class with me or into my residence hall room?
    • No. e-scooters are strictly prohibited from operating or charging in any building on campus.