Ride Along Request

The MSU Police Department offers civilians an opportunity to ride along with a police officer during their normal duties.  Ride  along requests will not be honored for days when there is a high-profile event or similar impact on the Department.  Please use the form below to make an online request.

*Due to COVID19, the Ride Along program will be suspended until further notice.

Community Program Participation Request

The MSU Police Department regularly provides presentations free of charge to students, faculty and staff on issues concerning safety and well-being. Presentations generally last one hour and include time for questions. Topics include general safety, alcohol and other drug danger awareness, and responding to an active attacker-Run, Hide, Fight®.  In addition, throughout the year, our department participates in campus events with crime prevention and education display tables staffed by an officer. If you would like request a safety presentation, table display participation or similar community-based program for your department or student group, please use the form below to make an online request. You can also contact Captain Dan Munford at with any questions.

Car Seat Safety Check Request

The Michigan State University Police Department offers a 30-minute session where an officer, who is a certified child safety seat technician, installs and teaches you about the proper use of your car seat. We request that you bring your child (if born), your car seat (with manual) and your vehicle (with owner’s manual) to the MSU Police Department for your appointment.  Please use the form below to make an online request.

Uncrewed Aerial Vehicle or Uncrewed Submersible Vehicle Request

MSU has an ordinance that addresses operating uncrewed aerial and uncrewed submersible vehicles.  Violations of this ordinance could result in penalties up to 90 days in jail and/or $100 in fines. In addition, MSU has drafted an Interim Policy (dated May 20, 2014) that outlines the process required to have this ordinance waived for UAV/USV operation on campus.  That policy and ordinance is enforced by the MSU Police Department, in conjunction with the Office of the Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies.  Procedures are in place and the requirements are covered in the “UAV/USV Interim Policy.”  Please use the form below to make an online request.