Report a Crime

Reporting Crime or Suspicious Behavior

If you feel you are a victim of a crime, observed suspicious behavior, or see a crime occurring, please contact the MSU Police Department and be a great witness by taking mental notes about what you see and what you know.

Relationship Violence and Sexual Misconduct Reporting

Michigan State University has a policy that prohibits relationship violence and sexual misconduct, including sexual assault. The MSU Police Department handles the criminal investigation and works collaboratively with the MSU Office of Institutional Equity. If you feel you are the victim of a sexual assault or have been assaulted by a person you are in a relationship with, contact the MSU Police Department and the MSU Office of Institutional Equity.

Bias Related Incident Reporting

Any member of the University community can make a report about an alleged bias related incident or hate crime by contacting the MSU Police Department or the MSU Office of Institutional Equity.  A member of the Inclusion and Anti-Bias Unit within the police department is also available as a resource.

Behavioral Threat Assessment Reporting

The Michigan State University’s Behavioral Threat Assessment Team (BTAT) and the MSU Police Department’s Behavioral Threat Assessment Unit both exist to facilitate a multidisciplinary, coordinated response to reports of students, employees, or other individuals on campus who have engaged in behavior indicating a possible threat of harm to self or other members of the campus community. If you feel a person on campus poses an immediate threat, contact the MSU Police Department. If you have concerns that a person may be a threat, complete a form on the BTAT website with details of your observations.