Community Care Unit

Detectives and officers assigned to the Community Care Unit Unit respond to reports of students, employees, or others on campus who have engaged in behavior indicating a possible threat of harm to self or other members of the community.

A member of the Community Care Unit also serves on the MSU Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT). BIT identifies and provides resources to students who are in distress emotionally and/or whose behavior has been significantly disruptive, problematic, or concerning.

Michigan State University formed a collaborative multi-disciplinary team in conjunction with the MSU Police Community Care Unit, to provide a coordinated University response. The Behavioral Threat Assessment Team meets regularly to assess the likelihood of risk and identify action that can be taken to potentially mitigate the risk. The team is comprised of representatives from the following University offices: MSU Police Department, Counseling Center, University Physician, Student Health Services, Student Affairs and Services, Residence Education and Housing Services, ADA Coordinator, Dean of Graduate School/Dean of Undergraduate Education, and Human Resources.