Policy: Sworn Personnel Replacement


The purpose of this order is to establish procedural guidelines for filling personnel shortages that occur due to illness or injury in the Uniform Division.


It is the policy of the Michigan State University Police Department (Department) that proper staffing levels shall be maintained to provide required services to our community. This policy shall direct how to fill those vacancies when an absence occurs due to unforeseen circumstances.


Uniform Division

Duty Supervisors shall be responsible to ensure that their uniform shifts are properly staffed during any period of duty.

Should staffing fall below an acceptable level due to illness or other emergencies, the Duty Supervisor is responsible to call in personnel according to the following procedures.

Temporary coverage: the Duty Supervisor will ask personnel from the previous shift to hold over until someone from an off-duty status can be reached.

If more officers than necessary volunteer, then they will be selected in descending order from highest to lowest on the overtime list.

If officers do not volunteer, the shortage will be filled by assigning an officer from the previous shift that is at the top of the current overtime list.

An officer’s position on the overtime list will not change as a result of volunteering to fill or being drafted to fill a shift shortage.

Full coverage: the Duty Supervisor shall then contact off-duty personnel using the Department’s alert and notification system and the first person reaching the Duty Supervisor and volunteering to cover the shift shall report to work and relieve the person temporarily covering the shift.