Policy: Secondary Employment


The purpose of this order is to establish the conditions and procedures under which police officers may be concurrently employed by both Michigan State University and an outside employer.


The Department’s policy on secondary employment includes that the primary responsibility of an officer is the accomplishment of all duties and responsibilities assigned to his or her position. Secondary employment must be compatible with the interests of the Department and must not detract from the performance of the employee.

Secondary employment that interferes with the employee’s duties and responsibilities shall not be authorized. There is no obligation or duty on the part of the Department to approve such employment.


Secondary Employment: Employment not directly related to Michigan State University that occurs while the employee is off-duty and for which the employee is compensated. This includes self-employment, employment in the private sector or by another state institution or agency; synonymous with off-duty employment.

Outside Work for Pay: This term is used by the University and is synonymous with secondary employment.


Limitations on Secondary Employment

The employment must be in compliance with the University’s “Support Staff Policy for Work Outside the University.”

The employment must not create a conflict of interest between the responsibilities of a Michigan State University police officer and the responsibilities associated with the secondary employment.

The employment must not interfere in any way with the officer’s ability to satisfactorily perform his or her law enforcement duties for the university.

Outside employers must be aware that the department has priority for the services of the officer when exigent circumstances exist.

The employment must not involve the use of privileged information obtained in conjunction with employment with the university.

Employees shall not accept secondary employment if the duties involve a reversed subordinate-superior relationship between two Department employees.


Officers contemplating secondary employment must receive approval from the Chief of Police (Chief) or designee prior to engaging in such work. Sufficient time shall be allowed for the consideration of the request.

Should the secondary employment be approved, the outside employer shall be advised by this department of the policy pertaining to such employment.

Requests for approval of secondary employment form is found on the Department Wiki and must contain the following information:

The employer’s name, address, telephone number and a description of the type of business

An accurate description of the work to be performed

The anticipated number of hours per week

A statement that the perspective employer understands and accepts this department’s prior right to the officer’s services


The Personnel Officer will coordinate the administration and oversight of this process.