Policy: Prisoner Processing


The purpose of this order is to establish the procedures for the processing of prisoners.


The Michigan State University Police Department (Department) understands that after persons are arrested, the Department assumes responsibility for their care. It is the policy of this Department to follow all relevant rules, administrative policies, laws and ordinances in discharging that duty of care.


Officer and Department Responsibility

When persons are arrested, they become the Department’s responsibility.

As their temporary custodian, the Department assumes total responsibility for their care and well-being until released from custody or turned over to another agency.

Processing Center Guidelines

The complex of rooms within Room 174 shall be known as the Department Processing Center.

The following guidelines are intended to clarify proper procedures for the use of this area.

The Processing Center provides space for the segregation of prisoners prior to their release or transportation to a jail facility.

The corridor doors are designed to prevent the escape of prisoners from the Processing Center.

These doors are to be closed at all times while processing or interviewing prisoners.




Whenever an individual room is unoccupied, the door is to remain open to afford a clear view of the interior.

No prisoner shall be left unattended.

The prisoner shall be searched and all items of property shall be removed and properly secured.

A property form shall be completed.

Prior to release or transfer to another facility, the property form shall be reviewed and finalized.

Male, female, and those identifying as transgendered prisoners shall not be kept in the same room.

Transgender individuals will be lodged based on the gender they identify with, which may be different from the gender that they were assigned at birth or which is listed on their government-issued identification.

Refer to current federal and state laws regulating juveniles prior to placing them in the Processing Center.

The video surveillance system shall be activated upon entering the Processing Center during interviews, chemical test rights and prisoner processing.