Policy: Department Issued Cellular Phones


The primary purpose of issuing the cellular telephone is to facilitate the effective delivery of law enforcement and similar services to the community.


In order to effectively conduct Michigan State University Police Department (Department) operations, it may be necessary to issue Department-owned cellular telephones. The Department’s policy areas for distribution include: police supervisors, Investigative Division, tactical teams, Access Control, Emergency Management Division, Special Events Division, K-9 handlers, and accident investigation teams.


Phone Plan

The current Department cellular telephone plan purchases bulk minutes. This plan provides for the most cost effective program due to the erratic spikes in usage attributed to special events and emergencies.

Phone Usage

The Department issued and owned cellular telephone is not intended to replace a potential need for a personal cellular telephone. Occasional use of the Department cellular telephone for personal calls is acceptable.

Periodic Review

Periodic reviews by the appropriate command staff shall be conducted to ensure compliance with this policy.

Lost or stolen cellular phone

If a Department issued cellular telephone is lost or stolen:

An immediate supervisor shall be notified about the details of the loss or theft.

Department Information Technology (IT) personnel shall be notified immediately, so that the device can be remotely locked and erased using management software.

All Department cellular telephones shall have this management software installed on them by approved IT personnel at the time of issuance.