Policy: Cadet Desk Procedures


The purpose of this policy is to establish procedures for various operations conducted by Cadet Information Desk (Desk).


It is the policy of the Michigan State University Police Department (Department) that management of personnel who operate the Desk follow current laws, ordinances, rules and regulations.


Electronic Key Cabinet Protocols

All keys applicable to the field operation of the department will be kept in an electronic cabinet at the Desk.

Each key will be numbered with a cross-index file for location of specific keys maintained at the Desk.

It is the responsibility of the Access Control Assistant (ACA) reporting for duty to account for all keys or other special items before assuming the assignment.

The fact that this check was conducted, plus any irregularities, will be reported to the Desk Supervisor.

The Desk Supervisor or designee sends notification to the Access Control Manager when there are irregularities.

An electronic record is generated each time a key is issued.

The record contains the following information:

Key number

Date/time issued

Issuing employee

Receiving employee

Date/time key is returned

Employee receiving the returned key

All authorized employees that can check-out keys have been enrolled in the electronic key cabinet.

Employees are responsible for checking out and returning their own keys, using their MSU Spartan ID card (access control card).

University Building Keys

The Department maintains possession of certain building and/or alarm keys upon the request of the persons responsible for the facilities.

Those keys are to provide entry during an emergency or to assist when there is an accidental lock-out by a faculty or staff member.

The following procedures shall be followed in managing the use of these keys.

The Desk will attempt to verify the office/lab location of the affected faculty or staff member.

An Access Control Assistant (ACA) employee will be dispatched with the key to verify the identity and legitimacy for entry.

When an ACA is not available, then an officer shall be dispatched through the Ingham County 9-1-1 Central Dispatch.

This Department assistance shall be recorded on the Desk log of activity.

Employee Responsibility

Department employees having keys will not loan them to other employees, instead they should return them to the electronic cabinet so that new person can check them out properly.

The employee formally checking out the key using the electronic cabinet shall be responsible for the return of that key.

All employees are cautioned not to leave any key unattended at any time.