Policy: Arrest and Vehicle Disposition


The purpose of this policy is to determine how to dispose of vehicles when the driver is subject to arrest.


It shall be the policy of this department to insure that a vehicle driven by a person placed under arrest is properly disposed of pursuant to criminal laws and procedures in effect at the time of the arrest.


When the driver of a vehicle is arrested, the Owner of the vehicle may give permission for another person in the vehicle to assume responsibility for the vehicle and drive it away.

The arresting officer shall only obtain permission from the Owner at the scene of the arrest and confirm that ownership through proper documentation.

Officers are to ensure that the driver to whom the vehicle is released possesses a valid operator’s license and has consumed no alcohol.

A “PBT” test shall be used to confirm whether or not the individual has been drinking.

If the person appears to be under the influence of any other substance, the vehicle shall not be released to them.

If no alcohol-free person is available to remove the vehicle from the scene, then it shall be inventoried and towed in accordance with department policy.