The Michigan State University Department of Police and Public Safety is led by Marlon C. Lynch, Vice President for Public Safety and Chief of Police. Lynch serves as the highest-ranking officer at the department and oversees the agency by implementing strategic objectives for the greater good of the department and the MSU community. Lynch was appointed to this position by the MSU Board of Trustees on February 12, 2021, and started at MSU on April 1, 2021.

Within the MSU Department of Police and Public Safety several bureaus administer service and operations; the Police Services Bureau, Public Safety Bureau, Community Engagement Bureau, and Community Support Bureau. As an innovative law enforcement agency, the bureaus continue to evolve and expand to provide law enforcement and parking services to students, faculty, staff, and visitors on the campus of MSU.


The mission of the Michigan State University Department of Police and Public Safety is to enhance the quality of life on campus by building relationships, strengthening stewardship, and working collaboratively within our diverse community to reduce crime, enforce laws, preserve peace, and provide for a safe environment.


Committed to being a world-class department and an innovative leader among University police departments by hiring and promoting talented officers and professional staff, employing the highest standards of performance, implementing best practices in policing, encouraging accountability, and reflecting the values of a global University. The Michigan State University Police Department has an international reputation for its proactive-based philosophy of policing that strives to strengthen relationships and engage community partners in developing strategies to reduce crime. The Michigan State University Department of Police and Public Safety strives to adhere to the highest ethical standards and reflect the diversity of its community members.



We will conduct ourselves in an ethical manner with all relationships and hold in the highest esteem, our duty and privilege of serving this University community.


We promise to act with honesty, to hold ourselves and our peers accountable to the greatest standards of excellence in all of our daily interactions.


We embrace continuous quality improvement and enhance the worth of others by empowering and inspiring them to make decisions, foster innovation, and improve performance.

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