The police force for the Michigan State College was established in 1928 when the first uniformed and armed officer, Donald J. Bremer, began patrolling the college campus. To assist with patrol duties, Officer Bremer received support from student watchmen who were stationed in various buildings across campus. During that time, calls for service were operated by the college telephone operator who would notify Officer Bremer by turning on white lights mounted on the power house tower whenever police services were needed on campus. In 1934, a second officer was hired to assist Officer Bremer with responding to calls for service.

In 1937, an agreement was made with the City of East Lansing for the East Lansing Police Department Chief of Police to act as a supervisor for the campus police force. Under the East Lansing Police Department administration, the Michigan State College police force utilized three vehicles equipped with one-way radios to monitor the State Police network.

On September 23, 1947, the Michigan State College police force separated from the East Lansing Police Department. Arthur F. Brandstatter was appointed as the Chief of the Michigan State College police force and defined the direction and goals of the department. After gaining independence, the Michigan State College police facility began as a set of quonset huts on the property where the Jack Breslin Student Events Center currently resides. In 1975, a new facility was established on Red Cedar Road, where it still stands today on the campus of Michigan State University.

What was once a one-officer patrol has now grown to a full-service law enforcement agency with over 90 police officers and has become a leader among police departments. The vision began in 1928 and lives on with each MSU Police Department employee to provide a safe and friendly environment on the campus of MSU.