Police Services

Specialty Teams

About our Teams

The Michigan State University Police Department has many opportunities to provide specialized services with teams focused on K-9 usage, bicycle patrol, motorcycle patrol and our honor guard.  Take a look at each of these teams.

K-9 Unit

The K-9 Unit is comprised of 9 handlers and 12 K-9s who provide search, detection, and protection services.  Eight of the dogs are explosives detection trained and also patrol certified (dual purpose). One narcotics detection dog serves as a patrol certified narcotics K-9.

In September of 2016, the K-9 Unit obtained the area’s first Vapor Wake K-9.  Vapor Wake K-9s are unique because they have the ability to conduct explosive searches and detect body-worn explosives on a person.  The Department has since added two additional Vapor Wake K-9s to the unit.

Bike Unit

The Michigan State University Police Department currently has 10 officers assigned to the Bike Unit. All bicycle officers attend a rigorous 40-hour Police Mountain Bike Patrol training program, which certifies them as a bicycle officer. Currently, the Bike Unit utilizes 29” Trek Police model mountain bikes, which includes a new brighter light system to assist with patrols during the evening hours. In addition to normal patrol riding, officers escort the MSU football team and band into the stadium on home football game days.

To assist with maintaining the bike officers’ skill levels, two officers assigned to the Bike Unit have been trained to be certified instructors.

Motor Unit

The eight Motorcycle Patrol Unit officers attended a special 80 hour training course in police motorcycle operations and are assigned Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Because of their mobility, motorcycles are a valuable asset for traffic enforcement, traffic safety, and providing emergency response through congested traffic. In addition, motorcycles are highly mobile and fuel efficient.

The Motorcycle Patrol Unit provides motorcade escorts for the MSU homecoming parade, the 5K Dino Dash and dignitary funeral processions. The unit has also participated in the Woodward Dream Cruise in Royal Oak, Michigan and the Lansing School District’s Annual Safety Patrol Picnic.

Honor Guard

The Honor Guard consists of 10 officers who attended the Sheriffs and Municipal Memorial Assistance Response Team (S.M.M.A.R.T.) Honor Guard School in Alpena, Michigan. Honor Guard officers maintain skills and practice for upcoming events by attending bimonthly training sessions.

The unit was formed in response to the passing of MSU Police Sergeant Brian Keith McDaniel in 2009. Sergeant McDaniel’s untimely passing uncovered a need for trained officers to respond and represent the department in matters such as funerals and memorials.

The Honor Guard takes pride in representing the department at various events. The primary purpose of the Honor Guard is to honor the sacrifice for those who have fallen in the line of duty. Unit members attend every fallen Michigan officer’s funeral to honor their sacrifice and service to our country.

Members of the Honor Guard routinely present the colors for multiple MSU sporting events to include basketball, hockey and football. The unit also participates in community events such as the Lansing Lugnuts vs. MSU Crosstown Showdown and the MSU Homecoming Parade. The unit has also presented the colors for the Detroit Tigers and the Detroit Red Wings.