Visitor Parking

Booth Attended Visitor Pay Lot

Short-term parking is available in booth attended pay lot number 100.  It is located at the MSU Clinical Center and accessed using Service Road.  When parking in lot 100, note the restrictions posted at the lot entrance.  A payment of $5 in cash must be paid to the booth attendant upon exiting the lot.  Fees are assessed Monday – Friday from 6am until 10pm.

Credit/debit card payments are not accepted.

Metered Parking

Parking meters provide the most traditional, short term, close-in parking at MSU. Generally, meter timing is set to provide rapid turnover so that as many visitors as possible may use that space during the course of a business day. The rates in duration of each meter are posted on each meter. Times and schedules vary; please check the meter before you walk away. There are over 600 meters on campus, many located in residence hall loops. If you pay the meter and it malfunctions, do NOT park there, you may receive a parking violation. Malfunctioning meters are NO PARKING ZONES.

Campus meters register only United States coins and accept major credit cards for payment.  Meters do not give change back nor are refunds issued for time paid for but not used.

Special Event Parking

Those attending special events should park in designated event lots as signed and as directed by event staff. A special event fee may be charged at the lot entrance. Some event lots are reserved for those with special passes. Visitor, employee, and student permits are not valid in the lots during special events. Payment of the special event fee will be required to park. Event schedules are maintained by MSU Athletics, Breslin Center and Wharton Center. For information on disabled parking areas and transportation during special events, contact the Parking Office at (517) 355-8440 during business hours or (517)355-2221 after hours.

Pay by Plate Parking

“Pay by Plate” parking is now available at the following locations:

  • Shaw Lane Parking Ramp (Ramp #1 = Lot 51), lower level of ramp, no parking 2am-6am
  • Wharton Parking Ramp (Ramp #3 = Lot 19), no parking 2am-6am
  • Trowbridge Parking Ramp (Ramp #5 = Lot 102)
  • Grand River Parking Ramp (Ramp #6 = Lot 103), lower level of ramp, no parking 2am-6am
  • Lot 14 (south of 1855 Place), no parking 2am-6am
  • Lot 39 (south of the International Center), no parking 2am-6am
  • Lot 62 (north of the IM West), no parking 2am-6am
  • Lot 63 (south of the Breslin Center), no parking after 6pm weekdays or on weekends
  • Lot 70 (west of Wonders Hall), no parking 2am-6am
  • Lot 79 (south of the football stadium), no parking 2am-6am
  • Lot 83 (on Service Road, east section of the lot)
  • Lot 89 (on the corner of Mt Hope and Farm Lane, west section of the lot)
  • Lot 112 (west of Conrad Hall), no parking 2am-6am
  • Lot 113 (south of Fee Hall and Wilson Road)

You must park in a space designated as a “Pay by Plate” parking space. Signage has been installed in these areas. Parking spaces not marked as “Pay by Plate” may be reserved for permit parking. Parking in a space not designated as ”Pay by Plate” parking may result in a parking violation.  Immediately after parking, enter license plate number and payment into the lot’s spoton pay station or via the MSU SPOTON app.  Pay stations accept cash payment or credit cards.  They do not give change back nor are refunds issued for time paid for but not used.

Example “Pay by Plate” parking space signage:

How does it work?

The “multi-space” meter is pay station designed for quick, easy, parking. The machine accepts multiple forms of payment, including cash, coins, and credit cards.  With “Pay by Plate” parking, you have an option to print a receipt after you pay, however, you do NOT need to return to your vehicle to display the receipt on your dashboard.

PLEASE NOTE: THE PAY STATIONS DO NOT PROVIDE CHANGE. If you are not paying with a credit card, or via the Spot On mobile payment app, please use exact change.

Mobile Payment App

A new payment alternative for “Pay by Plate” parking is available with the MSU Parking SPOT ON* app. The iOS and Android application (available as a web app for other mobile platforms) allows you to pay for a parking session fast and easy. For parking sessions initiated with the app, you can also extend your parking session if you need more time, without returning to the parking lot. Check out the SPOT ON website for additional information.