Visitor Parking

24-hour visitor permits are available at the Visitor Center for $8. Two-hour, Four-hour, and All-Day visitor permits are sold at the Parking Office or at the 24-hour Police Service Desk for a nominal fee. Restrictions apply and are printed on the permit. Visitor permits allow you to park in employee spaces only excluding meters, pay-by-plate metered spaces, lease spaces, service vehicle spaces, and University vehicle spaces.

Visitors to residence halls or University apartments should obtain a visitor parking permit, place it in the vehicle as instructed on the permit, and note the restrictions printed on it.

Those routinely conducting business (contractors, temporary services, etc.) on campus should purchase a daily, weekly or monthly permit at the Parking Office. Although a state vehicle registration is not required to obtain a daily permit, it must be presented to the Parking Office, along with company identification (business ID, business card or contract with the University) to obtain a weekly or monthly permit. Those commercial or construction personnel under contract with Residential and Hospitality Services or Infrastructure Planning and Facilities must also present a completed contractor parking permit request form from the Residential and Hospitality Services or Infrastructure Planning and Facilities department to the Parking Office to obtain a permit. Parking will be assigned at that time.

Visitor Pay Lots

Short-term parking is available in visitor lots located throughout campus. Some visitor lots are token lots; a token is required to exit the lot. Be sure to obtain a token from the department you are visiting when using a token lot. When parking in a pay lot, note the restrictions posted at the lot entrance. When exiting the lot, a booth attendant will accept cash payment for the time parked.

Credit/debit card payments are not accepted.

Metered Parking

Hundreds of meters are also located on campus for visitor use. When parking at a meter, note the maximum time and hours of operation printed on the meterhead. Campus meters register only United States coins and also accept major credit cards for payment. A failed meter is considered a no-parking zone.

Parking meters provide the most traditional, short term, close-in parking at MSU. Generally, meter timing is set to provide rapid turnover so that as many visitors as possible may use that space during the course of a business day. The rates in duration of each meter are posted on that meter. Times and schedules vary; please check the meter before you walk away. There are over 650 meters on campus, many located in residence hall loops. If you pay the meter and it malfunctions, do NOT park there, you may receive a parking violation. Malfunctioning meters are NO PARKING ZONES.

Special Event Parking

Those attending special events should park in designated event lots as signed and as directed by event staff. A special event fee may be charged at the lot entrance. Some event lots are reserved for those with special passes. Visitor, employee and student permits may not be valid in the lots during special events. Payment of the special event fee will be required to park. Event schedules are maintained by MSU Athletics, Breslin Center and Wharton Center. For information on disabled parking areas and transportation during special events, contact the Parking Office at (517) 355-8440 during business hours or 355-2221 after hours.