Retiree Permits

Retiree parking permits can be ordered online at starting on June 1, 2016.

An MSU Retiree is allowed to order a free retiree permit for one vehicle at no charge. This is a complimentary permit, provided as a courtesy, and is not a retirement benefit.

Note: The person to whom the privileges are granted is the only person who may park under the privileges; otherwise, the privileges are invalid.

In order to obtain a retiree permit the retiree must return his or her current employee parking permit(s) as well as present proper retiree identification and their current vehicle registration at the Parking Office. If a retiree does not have a current employee permit, he or she must present their MSU Retiree Spartan ID Card and their current vehicle registration at the Parking Office to obtain a retiree parking permit. Registration of a second vehicle requires approval by the Parking Office, and if granted, would only allow for one vehicle on campus at a time with the privileges. Registration of more than one vehicle must be done in person at the MSU Parking Office and cannot be done online.

If you have a retiree permit that will expire on June 30, you may renew your permit online after June 1 at

All permits must be properly affixed to the vehicle’s windshield before they are considered valid, so please allow for mail time.

Please note that at times parking spaces and/or areas may be reserved for special events, and an additional fee will be charged. Retiree permits are not valid on home football game days. You must pay the special event parking fee on home football game days.