In order to support and encourage alternative transportation, car pool permits are available for employees that allow the same parking privileges as individual permits but at a reduced cost. In other words, you may park in employee spaces on campus with a car pool permit, but only one vehicle from the car pool may be on campus at a time. While most employees find car pool partners within their departments or buildings, a locator service is provided through a number of websites.

You must purchase a car pool permit in person, as they are not available online. All members of the car pool must come into the MSU Parking Office with their MSU ID card and current vehicle registration. One permit will be issued for the entire car pool. The permit must be displayed on the vehicle that is parked on campus, thus only one vehicle may be on campus at a time. The car pool permit must be properly affixed to the inside, driver’s side of the front windshield in order to be considered valid. There must be a minimum of two vehicles registered with your car pool. The cost of the permit will be $23.75 per month per person or $285 per person for a full year permit (July 1, 2016 – June 30, 2017). You may pay for a car pool permit using payroll deduction, American Express, Discover, MC, VISA, cash, or a check or money order payable to MSU.

You may purchase visitor permits on the days that you may need to drive separately from the rest of the car pool members. Visitor permits are valid in any employee space on campus. They are not valid at meters, not in pay by plate parking areas, not in leased spaces, not in University vehicle spaces, not in Service vehicle spaces, and not in disabled spaces (unless you have a current and valid disabled permit for plate displayed). All-day visitor permits cost $8 each, four-hour visitor permits cost $4 each, and two-hour visitor permits cost $2 each.

If you change vehicles for any reason, then you must call or come into the MSU Parking Office in order to update your permit record (remove the vehicle that you are no longer driving and add the new one). We will need to know which vehicle you are no longer driving and also the make, body style, color, and plate number of the new vehicle. If you are coming into the MSU Parking Office be sure to bring in your current vehicle registration. We are open Monday – Friday from 7:30am until 4:45pm and are located at 1120 Red Cedar Road inside the Police Building on campus.