Bicycle Information

When a bicycle is possessed or operated on campus, it must be registered, parked and locked at a bike rack and in operable condition. MSU, City of Lansing, City of East Lansing and Meridian Township registrations (permits) are acceptable if current, valid, and adhered to the stationary frame-post below the seat, facing the handlebars.

To register your bicycle, you must have the serial number from the bike. This may be found in several places on a bicycle depending on the make and model. The most common location for the serial number is on the underside of the frame, near the pedals. Also, you will need to know the bicycle make, color and whether the style is male or female.

Bicycle Serial Number Locations

Bicycle Serial Number Locations

There is no cost to you for a bicycle permit. The permit must be registered to you, current, and properly affixed to your bike before it may be considered valid. Bike permits can be obtained at no cost online at

Are you an MSU employee and  avid bike commuter who only on occasion needs to use a motorized vehicle? MSU faculty/staff may purchase a short-term visitor permit at the Parking Office or park and pay at meters or in a pay lot.

Not quite so avid, but still want to save some money and do your part in supporting MSU’s green efforts? A number of University employees register their vehicles a portion of the year. For details, please contact the Parking Office at 517-355-8440.

MSU Bikes

MSU Bikes is a service of the MSU Sustainability division of the MSU Infrastructure Planning and Facilities department. Dedicated to promoting bicycling as a safe, fun, economical, efficient, environmentally friendly and healthy transportation alternative for the MSU campus community, MSU Bikes operates the MSU Bikes Service Center, a full-service bike repair and rental facility. The MSU Bikes Service Center is located under the Bessey Hall auditorium right on the river trail just 300 ft. northwest of the Farm Lane bridge.

Impounded Bicycles

Impounded Bicycles Posted June 6, 2016

Due to the large number of bicycles used by members of the MSU community, local ordinances have been enacted to control their safe use and convenient storage. The following information is a convenient summary of the rules governing the registration and impoundment of bicycles.

Any bike possessed or operated on campus must have a valid permit affixed and must be parked at a bike rack, locked, and in operable condition. Otherwise, it may be impounded and fees assessed to retrieve and register it. MSU, East Lansing, Lansing and Meridian Township registrations are acceptable. Bike permits can be obtained at no cost online at A current and valid permit must be affixed to the bike.

Bikes may be impounded upon complaint throughout the year for lack of registration, no current permit affixed, improper storage, or for being in inoperable condition. Bicycles must be parked and locked at bike racks. Bicycles attached to meters, signs, trees, posts or any area other than a bike rack will be impounded and fees assessed. Bicycles left on University property in an inoperable condition for a period longer than 48 hours may be impounded. Locks cut or damaged during impound will not be replaced.

At the end of Spring Semester a University wide bicycle “cleanup” is done. Bicycles that are illegally parked, unregistered, or inoperable are impounded. Bicycle racks need to be cleared to do routine maintenance to the bicycle racks and surrounding areas. In order to accommodate the maintenance of the bike rack areas, bicycles may not be stored on the campus during the summer. If you are not going to be on campus using your bicycle during the summer, please remove it.

Bicycle claims are made at the Parking Office.

Bicycles not picked up from the impound lot within thirty (30) days of impoundment will be forwarded to the MSU Surplus Store and sold. Junk bikes will be recycled.