Management Services

The Management Services Bureau houses the Parking, Business, Access Control, Traffic Engineering, Police Records, and Technology Units. This bureau handles all parking and business-related functions. This includes the vehicle office, which maintains the faculty, staff and student vehicle registrations, as well as parking services, including parking enforcement, impounds, and visitor parking.

The Business Unit oversees the department budgets, accounting, and payroll.

The Access Control Division is responsible for physical security, access control, and alarm monitoring for various buildings on campus.

It is the general duty of the University Traffic Engineer to determine the installation, proper timing, and maintenance of traffic control devices; to plan and direct the operation of traffic on streets within the boundaries of Michigan State University; to establish parking areas, designating limitation and use; and to certify the installation, removal, and/or authorization of traffic control devices and signs.

The Technology Unit maintains the department’s information technology infrastructure to support all operations in the department.

The Police Records Unit is responsible for police records management.