Warning Communications

The dissemination of disaster warnings is a difficult task.  No one means of communication is sufficient to provide information to the entire University Community.  For that reason, several options have been provided and could be activated simultaneously.

Public Media

Local radio and television stations would be notified of any disaster or emergency conditions on the MSU campus using advanced national notification systems known as the Integrated Public Alert and Warning Systems (IPAWS). MSU’s WKAR serves as the primary contact point for that system and the connected platforms for weather watches and warnings used by the National Weather Service (NWS) known as the Emergency Alert System (EAS).


This toll free number will provide a pre-recorded message about emergencies or disasters on Campus.  This line may not be used to leave messages or to connect to other phones.

MSU ALERT Messages Using Blackboard Connect-Ed

Phone Calls

This system can call campus and area phones with a recorded message. The system already has the MSU telephone directory imported to call MSU students, faculty, and staff. Additional phone numbers can also be registered at http://alert.msu.edu.

E-Mail Messages

The system sends an email to your email on record from the directory system. Register an additional e-mail address to receive messages in the event of an emergency at http://alert.msu.edu. MSU (@msu.edu) e-mail addresses are already imported into the system.

Text Messages

To receive SMS Text Messages in the event of an emergency, faculty and staff may register their cell phone numbers at http://alert.msu.edu. MSU students can enroll using the Registrar’s Office Emergency Contact System at https://www.reg.msu.edu/stuForms/ECDB/default.asp.

Social Media

This system can automatically feed information out using our Twitter and Facebook accounts to post information for users on actions to take or information that is critical. You can follow us on Twitter (@msupolice) and Facebook.

Digital Messages

MSU Police can launch digital messaging to selected screens located in the Residence Hall Neighborhood Engagement Centers. Monitor those in the event of an emergency.

Campus Cable TV

Emergency messages can be scrolled across all televisions connected to the campus cable television system. Audible warnings can also be broadcast over this system at the same time.

Warning sirens

There are four strategically placed sirens on the MSU Campus. These sirens are sounded in the event of a TORNADO WARNING.  If you hear these sirens, you should immediately take cover.  The sirens are normally tested on the first Saturday of every month at 1:00 P.M.

CodeBlue Speaker Systems

These speakers are located in each residence hall and across the campus on GreenLight phone kiosks. They will provide an audible message to the community so please follow the directions given.

Building Evacuation Alarms

Every campus building has an evacuation alarm.  If you hear the alarm, you should exit the building immediately.  Some of the newer systems are also equipped with a voice PA system and instructions may be given in this manner.

Police Vehicle Public Address

MSU Police patrol cars are equipped with public address systems that can be used to give emergency action instructions.

MSU Web site

In the event of a disaster or emergency the MSU Communications and Brand Strategy Office will activate a web site with pertinent information and instructions.  The Web site address will be announced when there is information to deliver.