Evacuation Emergency

There are Michigan and Federal laws that regulate the standards established in emergency preparedness plans for the following emergency situations:

  • Emergencies requiring evacuation
  • Emergency Action Team (EAT) procedures
  • Training on the emergency action plan
  • Required evacuation drills

Although there are protocols to be used in emergencies that require other actions to take, i.e., seeking shelter  or securing-in-place; this page address emergency evacuations of buildings and facilities. General training is provided to all Emergency Action Team (EAT) Members  in academic and general fund buildings/facilities across campus. We ask you to familiarize yourself with exits from facilities you frequent and have a plan for what to do when you are informed to leave by an evacuation alarm, emergency alert, or as instructed by team members. The training provided to those team members gives the members skills needed to assist in the event of an evacuation and include training on:

  • suspicious packages or persons
  • bomb threat guidelines
  • fire emergency
  • hazardous material emergency
  • weather emergency shelter protocols
  • seeking shelter
  • securing-in-place and active violence incidents