Classroom Emergency Guidelines

Small image of the Classroom Emergency Guidelines

Example of Classroom Emergency Guidelines

The classroom is a setting that provides an opportunity for the MSU Police Department to provide education about personal preparedness.  In response to requests from faculty, staff and students; we worked with the Office of Planning and Budgets to create a multi-use posting that would address several key needs.  The first was to provide information on how to stay safe in the event of several types of emergencies:  active violence incidents, persons displaying a weapon, fire, severe weather/tornado and hazardous materials release.  The second key element was to provide for persons inside of a classroom location information that could be given when calling 9-1-1 to identify the street address and room number for that particular room.  Finally, it provides to the occupants information on how to reach technical support and classroom capacity numbers.  The classroom posting is called the “Classroom Emergency Guidelines” and is being mounted near the door inside every classroom on campus.  That process is expected to be completed in Fall 2015.  By combining all of these needs into one very colorful and distinctive posting, it was intended to allow students, faculty and staff to be more aware of important information.