Field Services

Our officers are a mixed group of outstanding men and women of different races, cultures, and ethnic backgrounds. All sworn MSU police officers have at least a bachelor’s degree, and several have advanced degrees, which means we have all lived the college experience and survived the frustrations and the rewards of life as college students. It’s important that we remember our own days as college students; and that we treat our MSU students, not in a heavy-handed manner, but with a friendly and helping attitude. We believe in Community Policing as the basis for our actions. We believe in treating people not just with fairness and professionalism, but also with friendliness, real concern and a sense of humor. We believe in enjoying our jobs while helping you to enjoy this great university.

To do our jobs really well, however, we need your trust, support, and cooperation. Please use our website as an opportunity to learn about and to contribute to campus safety.