Crime Alert

MSU break-ins prompt reminder to lock dorm rooms

MSU had multiple reports of breaking and entering overnight Thursday at Case Hall while people were sleeping. It appears a male and female individual are entering unlocked rooms and quickly stealing items while residents are sleeping.

A witness described the pair of suspects:
They are white and college-aged; the male was 5’11” wearing white shorts and gray sweatpants while the female is 5’4” with brown hair and wearing a green-hooded sweatshirt.

Authorities believe these are crimes of opportunity and strongly urge students to keep their doors locked when they are not in their rooms or while they are sleeping.

Here are some safety tips from the MSU Police:

  1. Call 911 if you are in danger.
  2. Close and lock your door when you are asleep in your room.
  3. Close and lock your door when you are away from your room.
  4. If you leave your room, close and lock your windows, and lower and close blinds.
  5. Participating in OPERATION ID, engraving all valuables and recording all identifying numbers.
  6. Do not open doors to strangers, use your peep hole.
  7. Immediately report all suspicious person(s), suspicious activities, crimes, and lost keys to hall staff or police.
  8. Do not prop open exterior doors.