Solving Crime

At the request of the Lansing Police Department, MSU Police Department Digital Forensics and Cyber Crime Unit Detective Andrew Rathbun sought out the University’s resources to gain access to a homicide victim’s phone. The purpose of gaining access to the phone was to perform a forensic examination and analysis of the data extracted from the phone in an effort to assist the Lansing Police Department’s investigation.

Detective Rathbun worked with MSU Professor Anil Jain, Dr. Kai Cao, post-doctoral scholar and Sunpreet Arora, Ph. D. student, who printed both 2-D and 3-D replicas of the homicide victim’s fingerprints to assist with unlocking the phone. After some hard work and persistence, the team gained access to the phone.

This a great example of MSU and local law enforcement agencies working together and using all resources available.

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