Ingham Regional Crash Investigation Team Announce 2017 Data

East Lansing, Mich. The Ingham Regional Crash Investigation Team members conducted 51 traffic crash investigations in 2017. Of the 51 crashes, 22 resulted in fatalities and 29 involved serious injury.

The Ingham Regional Crash Investigation Team members are trained to investigate and reconstruct traffic crashes that result in fatalities or serious injuries. This multijurisdictional team consists of officers from Michigan State University Police Department, Ingham County Sheriff’s Office, Lansing Police Department, East Lansing Police Department, Lansing Township Police Department, Meridian Township Police Department, and Michigan State Police. The team uses specialized technology to accurately and expediently investigate serious traffic crashes.

“Working together across jurisdictional lines has proven time and time again to be beneficial, said assistant team commander Lt. Dan Munford, MSU Police Department. “The team works well together to complete a thorough investigation to determine the cause of the crash and clear the roadway for motorists.”

In 2016, the Ingham Regional Crash Investigation Team investigated 41 traffic crashes. Of the 41 crashes, 20 resulted in fatalities and 21 involved serious injury.